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For complete care of your pet’s paws, the Paws Up Paw Care Kit is a must for any pet owner.  Paws are the foundation of your pet and proper care is essential for the health of your dog.  The kit consists of our plant-based Waterless Foam Cleaner, an Original Paw Cleaning Towel, and our 100% Natural Paw Balm/Wax. 

  • The Foam Cleaner applies with a soft silicone applicator that really allows you to get between the paw pads and release any dirt, mud, debris, and especially Allergens.  If your dog chews, licks or their paws have an odor, our cleaner is the perfect solution. No need to rinse with water, just apply and wipe with your Paws Up Towel.
  • The Original Paw Cleaning Towel allows you to slide your hand in the pocket for total control while keeping your hand clean and quickly wipe and remove any foreign matter from the paw.  The Micro-Fiber Cotton blend is the perfect combination that allows for a super soft feel but with the gripping power of Micro-Fiber to get the job done.  Easily remove Dirt, Mud, Debris, Grass Clippings, Sand, and Allergens from your pet’s paws.  Available in five colors: Black, Pink, Blue, Brown, Red.
  • Our 100% Natural Ingredient Paw Balm/Wax puts the finishing touches on healthy paws.  Just rub on the paws after they are cleaned if the paws are rough, cracked or shrunken.  Once the paws are healthy, they will be soft and plump.  At that time, just apply weekly to maintain their healthy condition.  Great for the summer when the pavement is hot and winter when salt is everywhere.  Our Balm/Wax is also great for the nose, belly,  or anywhere that needs soothed and conditioned.

Paw Care Kit

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