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Paws up: how it all began

Welcome to Paws Up!

Our names are Dan and Randy.  We are from West Virginia and a couple years ago we both got new puppies.  Rosie (a golden doodle) joined Dan’s family and Saylor (a golden retriever) joined Randy’s. 


We have known each other for over 15 years and met when our daughter’s started kindergarten.  We have over 50 years of combined business experience and have always talked about starting a business.  We knew any business we started had to solve a problem.  Both puppies quickly showed us the problem.  Muddy, dirty paws every time they came in the house from being outside or jumped in the car. 

Saylor with her paw up
Rosie with her Paws Up towel

Rosie, with her pink Paws Up towel and Saylor giving her paw!

Our original thought was to create a towel that would keep our homes and automobiles clean.  So, after months of research and ordering samples, we decided on a microfiber blend fabric that would attract and hold dirt and debris while still being soft to the touch.  As an added benefit, it really wicks away moisture from fur and makes a great towel for drying.  So, Paws Up was born.

We started business in February of 2023 selling via ecommerce as well as going to vendor shows and festivals taking our product to the public.  As we started selling more and more towels, we continued our research and quickly realized the importance of paw health and comfort for our pets.  Paw health and comfort is directly related to a pet’s happiness, and everyone wants their pet to be happy and comfortable.  This realization had us adjust our focus from purely keeping the home and automobile clean to including paw health and comfort. 

This led us to other products now available from our Paws Up brand including a 100% all natural paw balm and a paw cleanser.  Exciting and new products are in current development that will further enhance our pet’s lives. This year, we plan to start our fundraising cooperative campaigns with any qualified organizations that help pets by donating a portion of our proceeds from sales back to those organizations. 

Dan and Randy, the Paws Up team, at a show
Paws Up Paw Cleanser. The best out there!
Paws Up Paw Balm
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