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Our most common questions answered

  • What material are the towels made from?
    After much research, we decided on a microfiber blend fabric that affords you the moisture-wicking and dirt-grabbing qualities of microfiber along with a soft feel that is soothing for your pet.
  • Why is there an original towel and an XL towel?
    Our original towel was developed to wipe and clean your dog’s paws. Then, we discovered it was also a great drying towel. Some customers asked for a larger version because of the size of their dog. So, we created the XL version to handle any dog, no matter the size. Even though the original towel is large enough to wipe and clean any dog’s paw, the XL towel is larger for drying. Our suggestion is one original towel for wiping and cleaning paws and on XL towel for drying makes the perfect set.
  • How do you clean the towel?
    Our towels are 100% machine washable, just toss in the washer and dryer and it is set for another round of dirty paws.
  • What are the ingredients of the paw balm?
    Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Calendula Oil, Flavor Oil. 100% ALL NATURAL.
  • What makes your balm better than the others?
    The first thing that sets us apart is ours is 100% ALL NATURAL, no additives, no chemicals. The second thing is our secret ingredient. Calendula Oil is a natural healing extract that quickly softens hard, cracked paws, and helps to heal and soothe any area of irritation.
  • Can you use the balm on other parts of the dog besides the paw?
    Yes, it is great for ears, nose, belly. Any exposed part that needs to be conditioned or soothed.
  • What if my dog wants to lick the balm?
    No problem, it is nonscented so that helps in keeping your dog from licking, but if they do, it is all natural so there are no worries.
  • Do you have to rinse the cleanser with water?
    No, it is a natural plant based waterless cleanser. Just apply to the dirty area and wipe with your Paws Up towel. No fuss, no mess. Just a clean dog.
  • Does the cleanser contain any chemicals or additives?
    Absolutely not, we will never use chemicals in any of our products. Our cleanser is a plant based natural cleanser with no scent or residue.
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