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fundraising with paws up

Dog with Family in Background

Looking to raise funds for your pet organization? Look no further. At Paws Up, we can create a fundraising campaign for you to promote with minimal effort on your part. You spread the word through social media, etc and we take it from there. When orders come in, you will receive revenue for each unit sold.

Our fundraising platform is second to none. Our mission is to help any organization that helps pets. We do the work for you. We take the orders, ship the items and provide all customer service. All you have to do is share our program with your social media followers and customers. We supply a special code for them which will give them a discount on their purchase and create a donation to your organization for each product purchased.

We want your organization to succeed and understand how busy you are, so we make it seamless for you.

Contact us today at to discuss your next fundraiser with Paws Up.

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