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When your dog and water collide, our Dry Kit+ is here to save the day.  The kit consists of our XL MEGA Paws Up Towel, a Paws Up Mat, and a bonus Scrubber:

  • The XL MEGA Paws Up Towel.  Measuring a huge 10” X 34”, this towel can handle all the moisture your dog encounters.  After a bath, you can slide your hands in the pocket for complete control and really dry them by getting to all the hard-to-reach spots where a normal towel falls off your hands.  The Micro-Fiber Cotton blend allows for a soft feel for your dog but at the same time provides the wicking ability of Micro-Fiber to quickly and easily dry them.  Caught outside in the rain? This is the perfect towel to dry their coat before coming back inside or jumping in the car.  Sames goes for the beach or camping.  This towel will capture the moisture and wick it away from your dog’s coat. Available in Pink or Black.
  • Paws Up Mat.  Our mat is made of ultra-absorbing material and measures 20” X 30”.  A perfect size for the door in the home, by the bathtub after bathing, or our most popular location, under the dog food and water bowl.  Our Mats soak up any moisture that comes its way. This is the perfect solution to keep your home from having water tracked throughout.  Comes in two beautiful shades, Slate Gray and Sand Tan.
  • You ask what is the + in this kit?  Well, the plus is our Silicone Scrubber/Brush.  It has a top handle that allows you to slide your hand in that gives you a non-slip way to either scrub your dog in the bath or use it to remove the fur by simply running the scrubber through their coat.  A great multi-purpose item that is a must have for any pet owner.  Available in Pink or Black.

Dry Kit +

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